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The purpose of ​the ​prevention ​program is to assist DFS in: 

  1. helping families provide safety, permanency and well-being for their children and youth, 
  2. the prevention of child abuse and/or neglect, and  
  3. keeping children and youth successfully in their homes whenever possible. 

The ultimate goal and purpose is to achieve positive outcomes for children, youth and families.

The Child and Family Services Review national standards, used by the Department to achieve positive outcomes for children, youth and families include, but are not limited to: 

  • Effectively assessing the needs of children, youth and parents/caretakers and providing services to families; 
  • Front-end services so children and youth are maintained in their homes and community, and to decrease the length of stay and reentry into out of home placement; and 
  • Children and youth receive adequate services to meet their educational, physical and mental health needs, as well as substance abuse treatment services when needed.

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