Mandatory Reporting of Child or Vulnerable Adult Abuse/Neglect/Exploitation

All citizens have a responsibility to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Wyoming state law (statues 14-3-205 & 35-20-103)

mandates that any person who suspects child/vulnerable adult abuse, neglect

or exploitation is required to report.

According to Wyoming law, everyone must report suspected abuse, neglect or exploitation of child or vulnerable adult if they have reasonable cause to believe that it may be occurring. Child or adult abuse, neglect

or exploitation has no boundaries according to sexual orientation, ethnic background, 

age, religion, disability, or gender, the reporting of abuse/neglect/ exploitation of children and vulnerable 

adults is a 24-hour obligation.

Help us spread the word about the importance of reporting abuse or neglect and remind all citizens that reporting is the first step towards

protecting a child or vulnerable adult who might be in danger.

To learn more about mandatory reporting and help protect Wyoming's vulnerable population, you can access DFS' Guide for Mandatory Reporting of Abuse or Neglect by clicking on this link , click the 

links below or visit the Wyoming Division of Victim Services web site at:

Click on the links below for additional information:

Signs and Symptoms of Abuse/Neglect/Exploitation

How to Make a Report

What Happens After the Report

To make a report of abuse or neglect, contact your local DFS office.

Click here for contact information.  If an emergency, call 911.