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Adoption Program Analyst

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Interested in Adoption?

Certified Adoption Agencies

See a list of certified Wyoming adoption agencies licensed to practice in Wyoming here.

Other resources: Wyoming does not have many children in the foster care system who are free for adoption.  Children typically return home or find permanency with relatives. Sometimes foster parents adopt a child from the Wyoming foster care system.  Children who become free for adoption  are referred to Wyoming certified adoption agencies, the Adoption Exchange, or Wendy’s Wonderful Kids.

Adoption Exchange - Contact  (800) 451-5246

See some of the Wyoming youth/children who are available for adoption on this site.  Scroll to the bottom  of the page using the inside scroll bar.  Check the “Wyoming” box  and select “Search”.  Then continue scrolling down to see Wyoming’s Waiting Children.

Wendy’s Wonderful Kids - Contact (307) 777-5172

Accessing Adoption Records: Want to track down adoption records? Read about accessing Wyoming adoption records here.

Confidential Intermediaries:  Adoption Confidential  Intermediaries (CI) work for adoptees and their biological families in hopes of reconnecting the family members or collecting important medical histories. CIs, as these trained volunteers are called, are given special access to court records concerning the adoption. Get more information on Confidential Intermediaries and the process here.  Click here for a brochure about the CI program.

These forms will be useful in accessing adoption records:

Adoptee's Affidavit and Petition

Adoptee's Sibling Affidavit and Petition

Adoptive Parent Affidavit and Petition

Birth Grandparent Affidavit and Petition

Birth Parent Affidavit and Petition

Wyoming Putative Father Registry

The purpose of the Putative Father Registry is to protect the parental rights of fathers who affirmatively assume responsibility  for children they may have fathered and to expedite permanent placements for children. Get a Wyoming Putative Father Brochure and Registry form.


Attorneys often require the Report of Medical Examination SS-45 for adoption work.

Looking for Books, DVD's, Training Curricula or Other Resources related to Adoption and/or Foster Care? We have a number of resources housed at the Wyoming State Library which are available for inter-library loan: