Social Services Division

The Social Services Division’s primary goal in child and adult protection is to ensure children and vulnerable adults are safe. DFS is required by law to investigate and provide services to children who have been abused and neglected. Services can include foster care, in-home services and, if needed, residential treatment centers to address issues stemming from emotional and physiological trauma. For vulnerable adults, including elders and those who have developmental delays, we connect those adults, caregivers and families with services and referrals within the community to help create or maintain a safe living environment.

The Social Services Division is responsible for the court ordered supervision of adjudicated delinquents and children in need of supervision (CHINS). DFS juvenile probation officers are also responsible for the community placement and monitoring of children in crisis or in need of services. The Social Services Division oversees the Wyoming Boys’ School and Wyoming Girls’ School.

For publications including the Child and Family Services Plan, results from the Child and Family Services Reviews and reports from the statewide Continuous Quality Improvement Reviews, click here.


Dr. Marty Nelson  (307) 777-6203

Policy and Program Manager:

Debra Hibbard  (307) 777-5479

Program Manager:

Jeff Lamm (307) 777-8914

Administrative Assistant:

Christene Diers (307) 777-7578

To report adult/child abuse or neglect, contact the local office in your area or in an emergency, call 911.