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Wyoming Girls' School Featured Nationally for Educational Excellence

posted Feb 23, 2015, 9:23 AM by vfe_dfs_jill.andersen@wyo.gov   [ updated Feb 23, 2015, 9:31 AM ]
Wyoming Girls' School Featured Nationally for Educational Excellence
Teachers transform culture to achieve breakthrough in blended learning

For kids entering correctional treatment facilities, education will determine whether they eventually graduate high school and move on to a successful life. This fact has a lot of juvenile justice experts taking a closer look at the Wyoming Girls' School in Sheridan.

This week, Marketplace, an affiliate of National Public Radio, will broadcast a series of articles highlighting the success of the Wyoming Girls' School in transforming the culture of their classrooms. Teachers at the juvenile facility in Sheridan are being recognized for their breakthrough in combining technology and traditional subjects with help from the Center for Educational Excellence in Alternative Settings (CEEAS). 

The series was posted this morning on the Marketplace website, and you can find it at Marketplace, Learning Curve.

"This is a remarkable piece," said CEEAS Director David Domenici, referring to the Marketplace segment. "It highlights how a small team of teachers and school leaders decided to challenge the out-of-date notion that you can't use the Internet effectively and safely inside secure care facilities."
To listen to the broadcast on the Marketplace website, go to www.marketplace.org

Segments are scheduled to air on NPR's afternoon and evening Marketplace broadcasts. Clips from the production are also scheduled to air on NPR's BBC news program Wednesday evening. To listen to that broadcast, you can go to go to Marketplace, Learning Curve or to www.npr.org

The Marketplace twitter conversation can be followed by going to the Learning Curve website and looking for the hashtags near the lower part of the Marketplace, Learning Curve pages.


The Wyoming Girls’ School, a residential, education and treatment facility for youth, has been in continuous operation in Sheridan since 1923. For more information on this release, please contact Chris Jones, Superintendent, at chris.jones@wyo.gov, Tony Lewis at tony.lewis@wyo.gov (307-777-3798) or David Domenici, CEEAS, ddomenici@ceeas.org202-643-3804