POWER Work Program

Do you need help finding a job?
Do you need help with Child Support? 
Do you want to increase your wages?
Do you want employment and life skills training?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, the POWER Work Program might be
right for you.

What is the POWER Work Program?

POWER is a cash assistance program designed to help families with children become self-sufficient through intensive case management services.

If you apply for POWER, a Wyoming Department of Workforce Services Case Manager will be assigned to you and will help you create Individual Responsibility Plans (IRPs) to help you achieve employment and/or self-sufficiency.

To get paid, weekly participation is required; just like attendance is required at work. Required number of participation hours depends on your family composition.

What are the requirements for the POWER Work Program?

Assessments - self-assessments, skills assessments, interest assessments

Problem identification and solutions – learn what’s preventing your success and what to do about it

Time sheets – to get paid!

Regularly scheduled meetings – meet with your Case Manager and others who can help

Child care and transportation – we can help with both

Personalized participation activities - Workforce Center workshops, resume and application assistance, practice employment, short term and long term employment planning, personal improvement strategies, healthy parenting, time management exercises, practice interviews, vocational training and budgeting information.

Temporary illness or injury?
There are POWER services that can help you during your recovery or while you wait for decisions from disability programs.

Additional activities include; healthy recovery plans, physical therapy, counseling (self or children), stress management, referrals to help agencies including Vocational Rehabilitation and personal budgeting during a crisis.

To learn more about POWER; call your local Department of Family Services office or the local Workforce Center and ask to speak to a POWER Case Manager.