We are processing requests received on 1/7/2019

The Central Registry is the facilitation of checking the Wyoming Child & Adult Abuse/Neglect Central Registry for agencies and organizations working with children or vulnerable adults. The process

includes confirming people who have been substantiated for abuse and/or neglect by the Wyoming Department of Family Services.

Locate the reason for your request below and print the corresponding form.
  • Child Care Providers CCL -609. (SS-26 CCL)
  • Employer 
  • State Social Service Agencies for the purpose of Foster Care, Adoption and Home Study only
    SS-26 EXEMPT
  • 3rd Party Screening Company or Out Of State Child Care Employment SS-26 AGENT 
  • Organizations required to go through the Wyoming Department of Health please click here
**If you have an invoicing account with us and need the correct form please contact us.

For Wyoming child care facilities needing to do an Out Of State Central Registry Requests please click here

If you are unsure the date your request was received and want to check the status please email the applicants name to DFS-CRSTATES@WYO.GOV

  • Include a self-addressed envelope that is addressed to the organization requesting the check. Not the individual being screened.
  • Each document is treated as a separate request. If you put an email address on one and not the other, only the screen with an email address with have results emailed.
  • If the applicant initials on Page 2 opting out of electronic submission of results you will not receive results by email.
  • Only requests that have original signatures will be accepted.
  • Each request must have both pages but do not have to be front to back.
  • All areas marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed.
  • Do not send cash. Check or money orders must be made payable to the State of Wyoming. Personal checks must have the account holders information printed on it. Temporary checks are not accepted.
  • We ask that if you must confirm receipt of your request that you send it via signature services such as FedEx, UPS, certified mail from USPS.
  • Expedited services are not offered.